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The Not So Pretty Part 1.

January 14, 2019 0 comments

Not many people like to talk about the ugly side of fitness:

Regardless if you have a weak bladder from having children, or because you were blessed – there is a way to keep from “leaking” while you are in the gym. I know that when I dead-lift or squat, I feel that urge and sometimes “it” (the leaking) happens… regardless of how many “exercises” (you know which ones.) it still happens. U by Kotex makes a small liner (specifically for fitness) to combat this, which has come in handy many times for me. Remembering to put them in my bag is half the battle.

Versa Gripps


A guy I dated asked me one time why my hands were so rough and callused, my answer: “I am not a sissy, why don’t you have any? Why are yours so soft?” Fast forward a few years, my hands are still rough… but my grip has gotten worse. I feel like I can no longer hold onto a dumbbell, or I stop my exercise to fix my grip. My arms get so pumped that my hands don’t want to hold the thing, not only that… it’s painful.

I recently purchased some Versa Gripps. Let me tell you – this, in the last week has improved my conditioning because I am able to hold on and complete my exercise. This was night and day, I am so glad I finally purchased them. 

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