Parent Of the Month (P.O.M.)

Parent of the Month for April/May 2019 is… Devon Snower

April 11, 2019 0 comments

Devon Snower from our very own Mom Bomb family. We admit we have been a bit behind on the updates. Our apologies to you as we were changing vendors and updating some contracts. Please enjoy regular POM announcements each month after this amazing gem below!!!

Devon Snower is pretty much my savior with being another parent in my household (Ms King here). Whether it was being a supportive parent figure to being my sons friend. She has always been there for me and I am forever grateful to that.
Now on to Ms Snower. She is a proud mother of Ayden pictured here. From football to basketball game coverage and keeping this little guy in check she has also been a huge inspiration to many. Working by day and at night plus school she has packed herself full of projects and successes. A beautiful caring person who helps not only our company but her partners new shop WWAZ. Keeping up with good morals, teaching not only our youth on physical education but our adults here as well.
Devon is an amazing friend, honest and loving. Supportive and strong she tells you like it is and gives her all to those she loves. We are super excited for her journey back into the fitness competition world so stay tuned as we take you along in the adventure.

To Devon, thank you for being my rock in the past 4 plus years. Thank you for loving me as a sister like a bond we can never break. Thank you for calling me out on my shit and thank you for just being you and supporting all around you. Know how amazing of a woman you are and how proud I am to call you my soulmate.

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