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Some Will Drop Off

February 23, 2019 0 comments

From my personal experience… when you start focusing on yourself, friends and family will drop off.

They will not understand why or challenge you when you give a reason as to why you are unable to do a “thing”. They will not understand that you do not have time or are simply tired. Me, being a college student, athlete, parent, business owner; I run into this frequently. You start focusing on yourself, making yourself better… you have less time for them. Some friends may not be able to understand that you cannot be there for them during this time, that all your extra focus is on yourself and your internal “drama.” They won’t understand the trials of staying on track, working, timing your meals, waking up at 3am to do cardio (because I have to be the best, so I will do the work), they don’t understand the late nights of cooking your meals, prepping for the next day, making sure you have everything you need to be successful. All while juggling parenting, school, and work – I am not speaking specifically about friends, family as well. No one, and I mean no one will understand what you have to go through mentally or physically to get on that stage, to play in a football game, to train in your sport or simply just striving to be the best YOU can be.

That being said… focusing on yourself will cause fights, you will be devalued because you cancel plans as you are so tired from trying to be the best, you are late to places, you can’t eat this and you can’t eat that. Everyone will question, why? Why put yourself through this?

The answer: Because I will be the best at <insert thought here>

Fit Mum BumFitness Blitz

The Not So Pretty Part 1.

January 14, 2019 0 comments

Not many people like to talk about the ugly side of fitness:

Regardless if you have a weak bladder from having children, or because you were blessed – there is a way to keep from “leaking” while you are in the gym. I know that when I dead-lift or squat, I feel that urge and sometimes “it” (the leaking) happens… regardless of how many “exercises” (you know which ones.) it still happens. U by Kotex makes a small liner (specifically for fitness) to combat this, which has come in handy many times for me. Remembering to put them in my bag is half the battle.

Versa Gripps


A guy I dated asked me one time why my hands were so rough and callused, my answer: “I am not a sissy, why don’t you have any? Why are yours so soft?” Fast forward a few years, my hands are still rough… but my grip has gotten worse. I feel like I can no longer hold onto a dumbbell, or I stop my exercise to fix my grip. My arms get so pumped that my hands don’t want to hold the thing, not only that… it’s painful.

I recently purchased some Versa Gripps. Let me tell you – this, in the last week has improved my conditioning because I am able to hold on and complete my exercise. This was night and day, I am so glad I finally purchased them. 

Fit Mum BumFitness Blitz

Bariatric surgery… is it worth it?

December 10, 2018 0 comments

Bariatric surgery has done a lot of good for people who have decided to take that step. Bariatric Surgery is a variety of procedures aimed at weight loss, procedures change the size of the stomach therefore achieving the weight loss desired. Different procedures include: gastric band, sleeve, and gastric bypass. Procedures can be grouped in three main categories: blocking, restricting, and mixed.

Although gastric surgeries have done a lot of good for those who need it, it also has some negative side effects: vitamin deficiencies, development of gallstones,  irreversible renal failure, other kidney injuries, and linked to seizures.


Personally, I know someone who has struggled with some of the side effects from Bariatric surgery…  it did not mention that some other side effects was vomiting, which happens frequently and has destroyed their teeth. Due to the vitamin deficiencies it has caused their joints to hurt even more than just the Fibromyalgia pain.




…is it worth it?

Fit Mum BumFitness Blitz

Thanksgiving, Food, and all the Alcohol

November 17, 2018 0 comments

So… remember the time when you said you were going to take it easy for Thanksgiving?

Don’t forget that.

There is nothing more exciting than getting a whole gym to yourself at 11a on Thanksgiving, why? Because no one else wants to go. It’s true though. I mean, it could be that everyone else is cooking… I am not that great at it so I do other things. But it really is cool to go and not have to fight over machines or wait for some guy to finish his text sets. If you are cooking for family and want to stay on track, here are some ideas:

Keep it simple.

Eat. the. turkey.

Sweet potato mash, opposed to Sweet Potato Casserole. (psssssst.. I just put a recipe for this in the vegan recipe section.)

Roasted seasonal vegetables with grape seed oil.

You don’t need to overindulge.




I am taking on a Motocross client who needs to strengthen his core and get stronger to preform better. We’ll see how this goes.

Fit Mum BumFitness Blitz

Making it through the holidays…

November 3, 2018 0 comments

So here’s a touchy subject for a few, one of them being me. Not so much fitness related, but making your mind stronger… yes.

For the few who are displaced from family, this time of year can be challenging for many reasons. For myself, making it through without feeling sad or trying to treat the sadness through large amounts of alcohol and pastries is challenging in itself… mostly because I love pastries. Coping with these feelings should be the main priority before anything else, if you don’t work through them it will never get better. I no longer feel that need to be close, I have faced and worked through my issues – I don’t need that closeness nor harbor any resentment to people I am merely related to. I used to feel broken that lines were drawn in the sand, and sides were very clearly taken. No one to stick up for me or be my advocate when lies were being told and shit hit the fan – and that is totally OK. Be your own hero.

I used to. I used to feel sad, I used to struggle. Not anymore, I give zero thought to it anymore (except for this blog). Start your own traditions, do your own thing with your chosen family.

My new tradition (started in 2013) was on Thanksgiving to make sure I went to the gym before festivities. Making sure I went every day from Halloween to after New Years. I should be doing that regularly anyway, but staying busy and making sure not to dwell is most important.


Fit Mum BumFitness Blitz

I don’t have time.

October 27, 2018 0 comments

I mean… It’s a good excuse…..for people who don’t want to commit.

I am the queen of not having time. So I make time. Let’s look at my schedule… and after you read below, combine all of that with being a mother, girlfriend, fulltime student.

Wake up: 3:45a

Fix a shake upon wake up

5:10a leave for work

5:45a arrive work

5:50a eat meal 1

8:30a – 9a fix a snack (4 hard boiled egg whites, some almonds, and beets (because I like them.)

12pm eat meat 3

3p fix a shake preworkout

Drive across town to meet my trainer

4p training til 5pm

5pm post workout shake

6pm arrive home and have meal 4

6:30pm – 9pm do homework/hang with fam.

What’s the next excuse? You’re too tired? I am tired too, trust me. You have plenty of time to sleep on the weekend.





Fit Mum BumFitness Blitz

Find What Works for YOU!

October 13, 2018 0 comments

There is so much information out there…

Fad dieting, simple dieting… extreme ideas, and mundane. You have to figure out what is right for you. I can’t be on a strictly Vegan diet because I’ll die… and honestly I like meat. Some people thrive on vegan diets, even compete as a vegan. Experiment, find your recipe for success.


Fit Mum BumFitness Blitz

Consistency will always be key

October 7, 2018 0 comments

So here we are again…

In honor of UFC229 I did not care about diet.

And I should have:


Here’s why…

  1. I feel like shit. I’ve worked extremely hard this week to go blow it on some chips & salsa, and a few finger sandwiches.
  2. I was weak
  3. I didn’t follow my own advice.

Here is why I will start all over again tomorrow:


Because I messed up and I am not a quitter. It’s okay if you have one bad day – but acknowledge it and move on.


Consistency is everything.

Fit Mum BumFitness Blitz

Fit Shaming

September 8, 2018 0 comments

This week was a battle.

Discussing food with people, watching my Instagram for my favorite athletes… the usual. One of the female body builders I follow shared a screenshot of someone “fit shaming” her. What is “fit shaming?” Well, it is quite common. Fit Shaming comes in many forms, majority of it is people inquiring about your food. Usually they just freak out that “all you’re going to eat is chicken and rice?!” They explain that they could “never be restricted” like that and life is too short not to enjoy what you eat. Life is too short if you don’t exercise and eat like an asshole. Just sayin’

The person inquiring intends to make you feel like you’re missing out on something great, or that you’re depriving yourself of something. Or makes comments about how your food smells, and it’s disgusting “you should really eat that outside so no one can smell it.” Sorry my brussel sprouts and garlic are killing you, I couldn’t smell past the pizza smell… my bad. Basically fit shaming is someone trying to make you feel bad about the choices you’re making to better yourself, like you should feel guilty for feeding your body nutrient dense food.

Sorry body, my bad.

Anyway…I digress. Margie posted a screenshot of this slob of a woman being nasty, telling her she “looks like a man, and women shouldn’t have muscles like that” etc. but also went as far as making racist comments (I won’t discuss that part, it’s ignorant and if people still think this way…they’re the problem) ANYWHO, this woman is a slob… obese, posts pictures of herself claiming that “a real man loves a woman no matter what.” Well yeah… if you’re not a jerk.

I don’t understand where these people think it is okay to say these things out loud or on social. Watch out, things may come back to bite you.

Fit Mum BumFitness Blitz

Training Under the Weather

September 1, 2018 0 comments

One thing I struggled this week with was being sick. I am not talking about your regular run of the mill cold… I am talking about nausea, a shitton of snot, migraines, chills, body aches, being hot and sweaty, and feeling weak. I am supposed to be training M-F, no training for the last three days. It’s not that I didn’t want to, I physically could not go to work and if I wasn’t going to work… I certainly wasn’t going to the gym. I stayed home, recovered – did the things you should be doing when you’re sick… NOT INTERACTING WITH OTHERS (and getting them sick). Work will thank you for doing that, but some jerkface didn’t do the right thing and spread their love everywhere.


Did I stay on diet while being sick? No. All I wanted was soup, and chicken broth. So I drank the chicken broth. I used a NetiPot (if you haven’t heard, it’s the greatest thing ever), kept up on my multi vitamin, and took a ton of Sudafed.


It’s okay to get sick. Focus on recovery and then move on – get back on the horse.

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