Bali and my loss (Part 1)

April 22, 2019 0 comments

February was a tough month for myself as I was making a lot of changes throughout my routine, getting up early for morning workouts at the gym and getting prepared for my trip to Bali at the end of the month. The second week of the month marked my review at work which I can admit now to you all seemed very off. Switching from leadership seemed to be the norm and I never knew how someone felt my performance was. In the end many questions came up and I decided to wait to find out more since I had my trip very shortly after. I learned later I had good reason for my concerns.

Bali came by fast, here I am with two friends ( I say that loosely now) heading on the plane to Shanghai. Super excited but also super naive to what is to come. The flights were long, legs were cramped as I was in the middle (me trying to be nice for the last time) we come to Bali eventually and landed at this beautiful location in a village on the north part get this…. right on the beach itself. Super beautiful spot.

We took the first day there to relax and get used to the time changes. The second day we headed on our adventure. First a temple, beautiful scenic vies right on the ocean. Next was a rice field and coffee plantation where we got to taste amazing coffee and tea. Stopped at some scenic place with cool bamboo structures to take Instagram photos in (cause you know it’s 2019 and we feel a need to show off) and then finally to the waterfall. The majestic part of the day hanging out in the water and enjoying the sounds and the beautiful nature around us. Glorious day but the hike up was where I think the whole problem started, unknowingly to all until the next days unfolded.

The ladies realizing the distance for the touristy items they desired it was a long haul for a day. I did however tell them all this as I planned very well how to get the most in and everyone hot spot desires. Third day was when everything blew up. Breakfast started and didn’t end so well. My perception is different than others so I was save you my agony during that day but in the end we cancelled plans made for the last day to see a bunch of slide and waterfalls. They ended on a plan that I didn’t want to do and the day was wasting away. Now during this one of these so called friends got in my space and decided to talk down to me, belittle me (like her mom does to her and she uses much vulgar language to describe her mother). Now why on earth would this be ok? Why would she think I am ok with her inviting herself on this trip and then speaking to me as she did. The best was when I asked her to remove herself from my space she played the “I’m not touching you game” and stood outside my door with a smug face.

Now I have realized in this moment I can be more adult than I expected as I shut the door and the curtain and laid back on the bed. Another important realization was that I did not need a friend like this in my life. Someone I felt embarrassed about how she spoke, her disrespect to others and the absolute distaste that I felt over the situation. I decided this was it and I was going to remove this person from my life. Someone I known for 23 years but someone I realize was toxic to me. The poor other girl gets caught up in all this madness and I basically want them gone, since that is what they wanted in the first place. After I meditated, did some yoga, met with an amazing lady who owned the property among other items for the day. It was splendid not to worry about them anymore and I enjoyed the hell out of my vacation for the last two days I had left…. alone though.

Stay tuned for Part 2

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