Our Mission

We are here to crack parent jokes all day long. We would love to have a great community of parents who deal with real life like the rest of us making jokes, telling stories about the hardest job many of us have or watched as we grew up in our own parents’ homes. Our kids’ innocence and pure humor that pours out is amazing and frankly sometimes, they drive us up the wall. It’s ok you’re not alone!!!

Visit our blogs, we will post something new on the site every week so there is always rotating advice, funny stories and pics, recipes to share with family and friends and many other options and forums for our parents. This is a space for our writers to be free of their word; we never want to offend anyone but also cannot please all. Please keep negativity away as we all need a good positive space to get help and resources for parents.

Look out for charity events we are hosting around the valley that supports many different communities. We are also paired up with Candle Wishes Foundation which we donate 10% of year end profit to help throw birthday parties for less fortunate children. Please take a look at many different causes around the valley and get yourself involved!!!

Currently based in Arizona yet will be expanding. As we grow, we welcome parents from all over to join the cause, share their resources in their areas and join the team. If you are interested in gaining parent support in your area, please contact Alexis King at Alexis@theofficialmombomb.com

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